One Million Tampons
One Million Tampons
Normalizing the dialog surrounding menstrual health




Uniting People to Buy Essential Hygiene Products For Those In Need

One Million Tampons is on a mission -- to ensure all PEOPLE have access to hygiene products, including tampons, maxi pads, sanitary wipes, and other monthly essentials. Teens, women, trans males, and gender non-binary people make up half the human population; they all menstruate, but not everyone can afford the products they need for proper healthcare. That’s where we ALL can help -- and yes, we’re also talking to you men. Everyone with the ability to add at least one box of hygiene products to their grocery cart can make a huge difference in dozens of people’s lives. It’s that simple.

How You Can Help

Buy a box -- or as much as you care to donate -- and bring them into a participating drop off location -- it’s that simple. You can also check out our wish list, buy online and send your generous donations direct to us! The One Million Tampons movement started in Seattle and the outpouring of love soon spread around the world. Donations have come in from as far away as South Africa! Learn more about how it all started and what we’ve accomplished so far!


National Period Day Oct 19th

We are so proud to collaborate with and their event at Cal Anderson Park Oct 19th! We are going to be guests speakers there and hope to see you!

In celebration of this event Admiral Bird is offering a free 8oz cup of coffee to anyone who brings in an unopened box of pads or tampons Oct 13-Oct 20th. Of course Admiral Bird takes donations any time and those can be sent to 2600 california Av SW, Seattle Wa. 98116



Man Up For Women’s Health


Hey Men...

It’s Time to Man Up For Women’s Health!


Men are typically fearless on most every front, except one: buying tampons, maxi pads, or other feminine hygiene products in a store. Why is this? If someone catches you purchasing such items, their first and only thought should be, "there's a man who is taking care of someone he loves -- be it his wife, daughter, sister, mother, neighbor, or friend in need." But instead, there is embarrassment -- and this needs to change. When men try to dominate other men, they tend to use misogynist or homophobic insults. "You run or fight like a girl", "Quit being such a pussy", and "I can see your tampon!"

Enough is enough! It's time to man up and stop equating women, femininity, sexual orientation, and human bodily functions to weakness and inferiority. In fact, some very manly people you know, including trans men or those who are gender non-binary, don’t identify as female but also need these products.

But wait, there's more you can do -- right now -- to help people in need. Face your fears, march into your nearest store, proudly buy a stack of new tampons and/or maxi pads, and bring them to your nearest One Million Tampons drop-off location. Need advice on what to buy? Ask a woman! Ask us, we have a Wish List. Open and engage in a mature dialogue about women's health -- you just might learn a thing or two and better appreciate what it takes to be a healthy human being.


One Million Tampons -- and as many reasons why!


Yes, we are raising donations to give to people in need. We are also raising awareness of a very important issue -- menstruation is fact of life! Depending on the person, it can be beautiful, painful, messy, irritating, liberating, relieving -- or any combination thereof. For some, it’s unpredictable, for others it can come, flow and go like clockwork. Across the average human lifetime, people who menstruate will be doing do for seven years!

By removing the stigma, we take away the ability for anyone to belittle, embarrass, shame or demean us.

Since women are often the caregivers in their families -- taking care of one woman, takes care of many!

Recipients of One Million Tampons include those who are homeless, of limited income, or are in jail, prison, or protective shelters. They are teens and adults. Their bodies menstruate, but not everyone identifies as female. They are of every ethnicity, religion and political persuasion on our planet.


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